Stretching the economy of our product by offering a wider coverage sheet. Also available in both Galvanised and Cromadek finish. Wide Span Roofing Sheets have become the most popular sheeting used in construction of commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Wide Span Roofing Sheet is designed to provide the most advantageous load/span characteristics consistent with economy.
  • Wide Span Roofing Sheet can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii. For further details contact our Technical Department.

When using Wide Span Roofing Sheet sheeting the recommended minimum pitch for roof slopes in excess of 15m is 7.5° and for slopes less than 15m is 5°. Wide Span Roofing Sheet sheeting can be ordered in any length, subject to transport limitations, up to 13,2m. Longer lengths require special transport arrangements.

Fixing Tips

  • Always take note of our “anti capillary kink” which is a feature designed to stop leaks during heavy weather through capillary action.
  • Make sure that the kinked side is always overlapped by the plain side